Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saving Remodel Costs with Decorative Finishes 2

Brick, stone, or wood are frequently painted, then later painting is regretted, or the new owner of the property is not fond of painted natural surfaces. Cleaning painted bricks and wood surfaces can be costly, messy and time consuming. Painting them back to their original look, however can be very economical.

Below are beams that were originally raw wood, then painted white.

The owner of this building wanted to have the look of the original beams, before they were painted. Blasting them worked, but it was a very costly and dusty work. We painted the beams to make them look bare. This is how we did it. 

Similarly with bricks. Can you tell which bricks in the picture below were painted and which were cleaned off? It's hard to tell right? (Hint: the top part between the beams was painted). You need to look very closely to tell whether it was just painted or cleaned off. If you are not fond of painted bricks, then painting them in hard-to-reach areas is a good saving idea too. Hard to reach areas can be very time (and money) consuming when it comes to cleaning. These areas are usually around edges of the wall, areas that are not noticeable, therefore perfectly fine to be painted.

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