Sunday, February 9, 2014

Saving Remodel Costs with Decorative Finishes

Decorative finishes are generally considered to be a very costly endeavor, however many decorative finish styles can keep your money in your pocket. Below are a few examples demonstrating the use of decorative paint rollers to create a new look and feel without paying for a complete remodel. 

1. Using decorative paint rollers instead of wallpaper. The finish can be very simple, or more artistic, and practically any color, or even multicolor. This method saves money twice: 

  • Faster thus less expensive application/no nasty glues and consumers can choose a "green" paint. 
  • No need to remove the "wallpaper", when you are ready for a new look. 

2. Using decorative paint rollers to cover uneven walls with hairline cracks: it's less expensive to cover up imperfections with decorative paint rollers than have the wall completely resurfaced; this could be a perfect temporary solution with our earthquake prone geography. Not all patterns would do the job, but the one below is outstanding. 

3. Kitchen remodel: no need to throw the old cabinets out, it's cheaper and faster to have them refinished with an artistic touch such as antiquing. This paint technique allows for use of environmentally friendly paints. Don't send your old kitchen to the dump!!

Overall, simple decorative finishes (ex: an inspiring mural, ornamental designs on a wall or around a fireplace or window, kitchen cabinet refinish) allow home owners to achieve dramatic changes in their living areas, save time and avoid the possible frustration of a complete remodel in addition to saving money and staying green. 

Old and mismatched tiles? Instead of putting in new tiles, you can just repaint the tiles you have. The surface is very smooth, not brush strokes. The final coat is a counter top varnish that is very durable. 

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