Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sherwin Williams Colormix 2014

I really like color stories by Sherwin Williams created for 2014. Sherwin Williams introduced four color stories: Reasoned, Intrinsic, Curiosity, and Diaphanous. We created some color combination ideas using these colors. We chose Curiosity color story to start with.

We used Show Stopper with Sealskin for this example. Sealskin is a very dark brown color. When we combined it with red, it appeared rather charcoal gray.

For this fun pattern we used the following colors: Sealskin (dark brown), Peacock Blue (teal), Anew Gray (light gray), Library Pewter (light brown). As you can see Sealskin appears to be much lighter and a bit more brown in this color combination.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Playing with Textile Stencil

Name of this stencil design is Textile. Jozef used the stencil in many different colors as shown below.

I think this is my favorite. In this one Jozef used a regular interior paint with Ralph Lauren Candelight glaze. It's not really visible in the picture, but the glaze has a very light gold shine.
This is a lighter variation of the same stencil.

Jozef used a little bit of gold and gold/brown, which looks great on a dark background. Red, blue, and green add a lot of life to this color combination.

I love how blue and green melt with each other in this decorative design.

It's not really visible, but there are shiny spots all over this stencil pattern. They show in this picture as light spots, which also looks great.          

All designed by Jozef Kiss (except the stencil itself). You can see more of his work on