Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Furniture Antiquing

We are often asked to create old from new, which is so much different from what we used to do in Europe. In Europe the trend was the other way: the old was turned new or just restored to it's original look. 

Antiquing  is a lot of fun, it's one of my favorite faux finishes. 

In this project we worked on three different pieces of furniture: a dining room cabinet, a bathroom cabinet, and a desk with a hanging cabinet. 

The goal was to make all cabinets look like they used to have several coats of paint. We put on four coats: orange, brown, gray, and dark brown. We used dark soft wax for the final coat. 

Dining room cabinet before finishing. 

.....and this is the final look. 

Drawer detail - we added some gentle crackle effect in some places. 

Cabinet door detail. 

The bathroom cabinet before refinishing. 

.......and when it's done. There was marble counter top added later and nice tiles, which further enhanced the look of the cabinet. 

The bathroom cabinet door detail. 

......and here a  little step by step showing the desk. 

The desk before.....

After the first coat of paint. 

After the final coat of dark brown. 

.....and the final look.