Saturday, April 26, 2014

Transformations - Before and After

Fireplace Remodel 

The objective of this project was to refinish a brick fireplace to make it cleaner and lighter. The brick fireplace was making the room dated and too dark. The best and simplest solution was to create a stone look in a light color to make the room lighter and fairly smooth to make the over all look a little more modern. 

Exterior Mural 

                                         Before ornament was painted. 

After ornament added around the door. Look much better right? 

Turning Sheetrock into Wood 

This was a fun project. Sheetrock ceilings were supposed to look like they have seamless wood paneling installed. We worked on three different ceilings. Ceilings 1 and 2 continue behind the glass, in conference rooms. The entire building has a very creative modern design with simple lines and vibrant colors. The wood imitation ceilings added  warmth and a different dimension to it. Faux wood can be used in many many ways, helping to save financial and environmental resources.
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                                         Ceiling 1

Sheetrock turned wood. :)

                                          Ceiling 2

Faux wood grain on sheet rock. 

                                          Ceiling 3
(Before sheetrock installation)

                                          Ceiling 3 (different angle)
(Before sheetrock installation) 

Custom Fiberglass Door Finishes 

This is our latest fiberglass door refinish. This front door came unfinished with wood grain. We used some of the wood grain already on the door. Most of the wood grain was, however faux painted. A huge difference between what it was and what it is now.

Advantages of wood grain painted doors fiberglass doors:

1. Savings: saving the environment, saving your money as fiberglass doors are less expensive and last longer.
2. The finish is custom and much more authentic looking than factory painted doors.
3. More savings: you can have a custom finished door for about as much as standard factory finish. More authentic factory finishes cost a lot more non factory finished doors.

Cabinetry Finishes 

Below is an example of simple cabinetry refinish. Our job was to make the cabinet look new.

Entrance Door Finishes 

This is a mahogany door that completely faded and the varnish got damaged from too much sun. We removed all varnish, stained it and varnished it again. Looks like new. :)

Bathroom Remodel 

Everything in this bathroom needed to be changed, but the floors. The finish is fairly neutral to allow using various accessories and to highlight them. 

1. Walls - gray strie.
2. Ceiling - high gloss dark gray metallic.
3. Dark gray cabinets to matching the ceiling. 
4. Counter top - stone imitation. 

      Counter top before.  

Counter top after. 


                             Walls before.                                    Cabinets before.

Cabinets after. 

                                                     High gloss ceiling we added.

                 View of the entire bathroom.                          Wall detail. 

Another bathroom needed new tiles. This is how we solved the problem. 

This is a great bathroom remodel idea  if you are not intending to spend a lot of money, but just simply make the tiles look like new. The surface is very smooth, not brush strokes. The final coat is a counter top varnish that is very durable. 

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